November 21, 2017, Posted by Josh Wight in Life, Simplicity

Read with your eyes closed

I know this sounds a bit like an excuse … and if you’ve been following TSMS for any length of time, you know how I feel about excuses .. but my intent is actually to provide a solution in this case.  I really do struggle to read.

The times I typically sit down to dive into a book – on an airplane, right before bed, right after work – I end up falling asleep a few pages in.

Enter Audiobooks and/or Podcasts.  Not only can I listen to them the normal times I would sit down and try to read, but I find they also help me maximize my potential learning time because I can listen to them when I normally COULDN’T sit down and read: while I’m walking through airports, doing some cardio on the treadmill, or when I’m getting ready in the morning. So give these audiobooks or podcasts a try the next time you sit down to “read” something:


Best Long-Form Self-Improvement Podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show

Best Short Form Podcast (quick interviews)

Tribe of Mentors (also by Tim Ferriss)

Best Podcast for Some Comedic Relief (where you might actually learn something too!)

The Joe Rogan Experience

Best Meathead Podcast

Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show

Best Overall Health and Fitness Podcast

The Model Health Show

Best Mix of Everything (funny, fitness, business, personal growth)

Business & Biceps

Best for Challenging Your Beliefs

Sam Harris: Waking Up

Best Meditative Practice Podcast

Tara Brach

Best Audiobook author (fiction)

Neil Gaiman

Check these out and let me know what you think!  Respond in the comments or via social media.



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