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Staying on or getting off track

Whelp, we are 1/4 of the way through 2017, but instead of forgetting about the goals we set for ourselves back at the beginning of the year, just like a business would, now is a great time to take a look back and see how well we are progressing (or not) towards our goals.  If you are on track, let’s keep it that way.  However, it’s quite possible some new goals have popped up or you are finding that some of the goals are taking a lower priority.  Either way, it’s time for the Q1 evaluation and I’m going to do mine here at www.thesimplemansays.com so you can see how my year is shaping up!

Back in January, I wrote a blog post (link here) that included the following goals.  I’ve listed the original goals in order and the statements in BOLD are my Q1 evaluation updates and plans (so just skip to those if you are in a rush ;)):

  • Home:
    1. Cook AT LEAST one meal every 2 weeks for my wife –
      • I started out strong with this one, but found rather quickly that it is actually MORE stressful for my wife when I cook while she is home.  Turns out what makes cooking so stressful for her is handling the childrens’ impatience at this time, so I’ve modified this goal a little bit.  New goal: Help Jessica plan meals early in the day and use the time she’s cooking to spend individual fun time with the kids.
    2. AT LEAST one time per month, coordinate a date night where I set up everything (dinner, movie, sitter, etc.)
      • I lean heavily on my wife for our at-home scheduling.  As a result, I’ve planned ZERO date days for us in the first quarter.  The lack of success with this goal doesn’t indicate it’s lack of importance, just a need for a different approach.  I am a voracious planner when I am on the road and my new plan is to spend some time each night on the road planning, coordinating, and scheduling. 
    3. Once a week, play a board game with each child (read a book to Evelyn – 1 yr)
      • Although it hasn’t been board games, I have been spending more quality time with the kids.  I decided to start coaching (assistant) my son’s baseball team, we’ve used good weather opportunities to jump on the trampoline, and even played Barbies with Claire.  SUCCESS!
    4. Once a week, take each child outside and do something of THEIR choosing.
      • Baseball outside, we’ve taken multiple family walks when Jess has been out of town, backyard fun.  SUCCESS!  Can’t wait for summer to do even more outside!
    5. Connect with 1 close friend or family member VIA PHONE or IN PERSON each week.
      • It might not be hhappening weekly any more, however I have found myself making a conscious mindset shift when it comes time to make social decisions.  Instead of opting for time to myself, I am more consistently choosing social interactions, talking on the phone, or connecting via social media.  The latter isn’t as personal as I’d like, but the attitude shift is positive.
  • GYM:
    1. Abs by May 1 – this means my diet needs to be on point 6 days a week (1 cheat day/meal).  Bye, bye bulking season.
      • Zero weight gain since Jan 1 and I am definitely getting leaner, but my diet has struggled with consistency, mainly trying to battle hunger and cravings.  After trying a few different approaches – I don’t like to call them diets because I’m not looking for a short term strategy, but one I can follow for years to come, the one I’ve settled on is Anabolic Fasting from corygfitness.com.  It’s a combination of Intermittent Fasting (which has always worked well for me) and the Anabolic Diet (high fat, moderate protein, low carb).  So far, I feel great, I’m not hungry or irritable, and the foods I get to eat SQUASH any cravings.  Changing date to June 1. 
    2. 2nd half of the year, focus on strength gains – If PRs for bench, deadlift, squat have decreased, shoot for reclaiming current PRs.  If strength stays steady, 500lb deadlift, 405 squat, 315 bench.
      • I haven’t retested PRs yet, but I have been hitting rep PRs in my training EVERY week … Even during my 1st half of the year fat loss phase.  I my be close to hitting all of these goals by the end of Q2 or Q3! 
    3. Lunge & cardio 3x per week.  Lift 3x per week.  Add 4th day of lifting after cut is over.
      • Currently lifting 4 days per week and just restarted lunging this week.  My legs feel like a BEAST!
  •  Work:
    1. Secure a development project.
      • Pitched my very first development project for a COMPLETELY NEW CLASS a few weeks ago!  More to come on this one in the future months.  
    2. Write for TSMS every day (1-2 posts per week)
      • If you are reading this, you know frequency has been at about 1 post a week (15 posts from Q1).  I’m beginning to feel that is enough for the long form content and am switching my focus to more social media (short form) content in the months to come.  
    3. Do projects for 1 new client.
      • Working towards this.  
    4. Look for 1 new business opportunity that brings value to people’s lives.
      • Nothing on my radar yet, but hoping to find it soon after this Q1 refocus!
    1. Add dates – creating a sense of urgency with undoubtedly help me reach my goals faster.  I’m in the process of adding dates to all my goals.
    2. Meditation – I meditate frequently on the road, rarely ever at home.  Interestingly enough it should probably be the opposite.  I’m getting up earlier at home to accomplish this.
    3. Wake your a** up! (as @corygfitness would say – Time to start getting up early again.  Time to create enough time to better plan my days and accomplish my goals.  starting with 5am at home and 4:30am on the road.

Well, there you have it.  My goals.  All laid out.  My progress.  My failures.  My changes.

Do this for yourself and #getafterit!

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