November 23, 2017, Posted by Josh Wight in Health & Fitness

Time to Break up with your Bathroom Scale … TODAY!

You should be proud of me.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I finally did it.  I finally ended my more than 5 year unhealthy, obsessive, compulsive, abusive relationship … with my BATHROOM SCALE!

I’ll still probably see her a few times a year (quarterly is the current plan) .  She’ll still probably tell me some things I might not want to hear, but maybe some time and distance will make her kinder and more complimentary as well.  Whether good or bad, I’ll still be able to look in the mirror and tell myself the only story about me that matters … the one from MY perspective and no one else’s!

With Turkey Day upon us, Here are 4 reasons I’d recommend you break up with your scale as well … TODAY:

  1.  The scale isn’t an effective measure for fat loss — It’s true, pounds lost typically means that you are losing some fat, but if you aren’t strength training, you are probably losing muscle as well and ultimately your body composition, shape, and overall look with become smaller, but not necessarily more appealing.  All good fat loss programs incorporate strength training and when that happens, muscle is often gained (or at least preserved) while losing fat, making it difficult for bodyweight to decrease.  Sometimes it moves marginally, sometimes not at all, yet body composition may be changing dramatically
  2. Your scale is a LIAR! — If you eat more salt one day vs. the next, more carbohydrates than normal, less carbohydrates than normal, drink sparkling water, don’t drink enough water, drink more water than normal, have too much coffee in a day, eat foods higher in sugar, or even have a later snack than usual, your body weight might shift anywhere from 1-5 pounds in a single night!!  Now, this doesn’t mean that the small bowl of salted popcorn you ate last night caused you to gain 3lbs of fat.  It would require consuming somewhere in the ballpark of 10,000 extra calories to do that!!  It also doesn’t mean that you successfully lost 1-5lbs of fat when you dehydrate yourself and eliminate carbs for the week.  The foods we eat cause our body to hold on to or expel water in different ways.  It’s a much more effective approach to stop focusing on the micro, and look at weight trends on a more macro level.
  3. The Scale often creates more stress for people — Because of #1 & #2, the scale is often a source for incredible stress.  So here’s some simple scientific math for you:  Stress = Cortisol Release = Fat Storage.  So, in fact, looking at the scale and stressing over it often causes people to experience the EXACT OPPOSITE RESULT they are trying to achieve!
  4. Who F*cking Cares what you weigh!?!?! — Unless you are specifically training for a competition with weight classes, are you really a better human being at 180lb vs. 190lb?  Do you look that much different in a bathing suit when you are 120 vs. 125?  Maybe more importantly, if your health markers are in check, does being a few pounds lighter impact your health in any meaningful way?   Chances are the answer to all of those questions is NO.

So, follow some SimpleMan advice:  Break up with your scale.  Wake up, look in the mirror, and start seeing the positive version of your story and progress!


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