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“Boot Up Sequence” Part 1 of 5

Welcome to part 1 of a 5 part series of blog posts about routines.  Not everyone is a routine junky like me, but I like to think that sharing my morning (part 1), workout (part 2), nutrition (part 3), bedtime (part 4), and weekend (part 5) routines I might be able to assist a reader or three in creating a new habit that inches them closer to their goals.  So, without further ado …

Part 1 ~

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Tim Ferris described morning routines as a “boot-up sequence”, much like computer, a program, or a robot.  Boot-up sequences are in place to ensure things run properly from the moment the device begins operating.  No one would be happy with a computer program or a robot that made mistakes or errors the first few times they were used, only reaching optimal performance and efficiency after 30 minutes to an hour … so why should we settle for that in our daily lives?  Having a solid morning routine sets the day up for success, helps us minimize failures,  and can leave us better prepared for the unexpected.

Here’s my current boot-up sequence:

**5:30am – Alarm goes off (actually, it’s probably been going off for a while, oops!); Get out of bed and start coffee brewing.  If I have access a scale, I will also weigh myself and make notes in my Evernote Food/Fat Loss journal so that I can make any food and/or training adjustments.

5:30-5:45 – Mindful meditation: I typically use either a guided meditation by Tara Brach or a combination of a few different meditation/priming guides I’ve heard over the years.  For a few examples of those, check out Tony Robbins describing “Priming” and Lee Nadler explaining “SHERPA” meditation.

5:45 – 6:30am – Review emails, check social media, and create a plan for the day:  This normally involves setting reminders of things I want to accomplish during and/or after my work day.  I use the iOS Reminders app for this.

6:30 – 7am – Get ready for work.

** There are 2 exceptions to the 5:30am alarm: 1)Early AM training when I am traveling and 2)Blogging require a 5am or sometimes 4:30am alarm.  I typically insert the training or blogging right after the meditation, but all else stays the same.

As you can see, it’s nothing complex, but because it’s the same EVERY DAY, I always (there are frequent exceptions, of course … I am human!) reduce my stress (meditation), enjoy a guilty pleasure (social media), plan my day (reminders), and am better prepared to handle the day’s unexpected stresses (meditation).

What’s your boot-up sequence? and what does it help you achieve?

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