“The Simple Man Says …”!  My name is Josh Wight and I am a 3rd generation “Simple Man.”  My grandfather was the first (that I know of), my father was next, and now me: simple guys, who loves complicated things.  Nothing out of the ordinary there, though, right?  Except we’ve had a knack for something far more valuable: whittling down those complex topics and discussions into DIGESTIBLE and ACTIONABLE forms.  

My hope in sharing these thoughts and insights on the blog is to FACILITATE conversations and INSPIRE actions that improve people’s lives, make them more effective & efficient, happier & healthier, and most importantly reach their goals & full potential.

So, If you are interested in thought-starters for life improvement, check back often to see what “The Simple Man Says …” or subscribe to the blog on the homepage and I’ll make sure you get a short email each time a post is published.

ATTENTION: TheSimpleManSays now offers personalized online (or in some cases, face to face) coaching!  Want to figure out how to better organize your day to be more productive?  Need some help better serving the customers of your business?  Want to get in better shape or start eating a healthier diet?  Submit your information in the form at the bottom of this page to start a FREE coaching session!**

**First 2, 30-minute sessions free; $50 per half-hour session after that.


Simple Man Background

Completed IPEC Coaching module 1 – Nov 2017

Owner of Driveline Consulting, LLC since 2012 – A professional training, consulting, and coaching company for the automotive industry.

Automotive Sales and Customer Service background since 2012

Husband of 14 years and Father of 3 under the age of 10

Fitness enthusiast 

Avid researching or all things Fitness and Nutrition related

Youth Sports Coach


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February 4, 2016 6:26 pm

Wayne Kindall

Thanks for an insightful 2 days in Philadelphia, PA.

February 20 2016 14:27 pm

The Simple Man

Wayne, Thanks again for the compliments and for taking the time to find the blog. I hope you enjoy some of its content and share with others who might enjoy it as well.

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