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2018 Goals: How 2017’s wins and losses SHOULD impact your planning

It’s that time again … No, not New Year’s Resolution time.  Resolutions are bullshit!  Resolutions are for people who don’t know how to goal-set properly.  Resolutions are filled with lists of WHAT people WISH was different about their lives.  Goals include the HOW … and you can’t figure out the HOW until you’ve reviewed and evaluated the plans and processes that you used in the past.  Doing this BEFORE setting new goals allows us to (1) reflect and assess whether or not we still care about the same things as last year and (2) determine if we need to continue doing what we are doing (if we are advancing toward our goals) or change our plan for HOW we are attacking our goal (if we failed to achieve it).

After analyzing my post HERE, my overall Goal Record was 6 Wins, 9 Losses (i.e. I made tremendous progress or completely achieved 6 of my goals and left 9 unaccomplished on the table).

With that done, what does this all mean for 2018??

As I evaluated my 2017 goals, I noticed some themes that I’ve attempted to resolve in my 2018 goals:  I had quite a few losses and many of them came down to (1) a lack of time/focus from having too many goals or (2) losing focus due to lack of a proper planning and implementation strategy.  For 2018, I’ve tried to narrow my focus and be more specific in my planning and implementation. Here’s how my plans and my goals for kicking ass in 2018 have changed, based on last year’s successes and shortcomings:

2018 Goals:

  • Home Goals
    • Outdoor activities with the kids and with Jess
      • Plan: Continue with weekly runs and get them to parks or out in the yard for a short time each day I’m home … After nap, but before dinner.
    • Meditate in the am
      • Plan: 10 minutes of Box Breathing or Meditation in the Gym before leaving and coming home. Extend this by 2 mins each month, until 20 mins in am is reached.  After 6 months, Add 5 mins at night and extend by 2 mins each month until 20 mins is reached at night as well.
    • Cook for Jess bi-weekly or weekly
      • Plan: Thursday before hopping on the plane home, plan a meal to cook Friday or Saturday and shop for the needed items on Friday.
    • Connect via phone or in person each week
      • Plan: This call will happen on Mondays, either when my plane touches down, or right after dinner.
  • Work Goals
    • Development Porject
      • Plan: Instead of waiting for development projects to come to me, be proactive.  Take a created class and pitch it to someone during Q2 or Q3.  Requires finishing my created class with a business partner.
    • Start a business to help people live healthier, happier lives
      • Plan: Begin working on Fitness/Training certifications during Q1/Q2 of this year and connect with identified mentors to begin developing a plan for youth strength and conditioning training.
  • Fitness Goals
    • Prioritize health and longevity, over strength and size
      • Change: This is a BIG change from 2017, but as the year went on, I could feel my priorities shifting in a lopsided fashion in favor of strength over everything else.  As a result, I saw tremendous strength progress, but regressed in a number of other areas, including conditioning, endurance, bodily health/injury prevention, and physique.
      • Plan: changing my workout template to a 12-week Macrocyle, with three 4-week Mesocycles – Hypertrophy, Hybrid Strength/Hypertrophy, Crossfit (strength w/conditioning focus).  This should allow me to slowly gain strength, but also change my physique (finally see those abs), AND develop a better level of conditioning.
    • Follow Anabolic Fasting Diet for an entire year
      • Plan: My biggest challenge with nutrition is that I change my plan too frequently.  AF keeps this easy:  2 big meals a day with lots of veggies, some protein, and some fat AND 1 carb/fat spike at the end of the day.  Then 1 or 2 social/fun meals on the weekends to stay normal and social.

Now, time to stop planning and talking and start hustling!

Learn from your last goals and go crush some new ones!







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